The shots in Galatasaray Turkish Bath, is aroused an echo.

Mannequin Tuğçe Kazaz was a priencess in this shots.
Tuğçe Kazaz posed for entertainment venue Al Jamal, and she said “ She feel herself as a priencess”

Hammam shots with actress Nur Fettahoğlu of Tv series Magnificent Century.

Nur Fettahoğlu passed in front of the lens for Gül Ağış’s collection named “Hammam Decadence”.Famous actress posed to photographer Tamer Yılmaz with Ağış’s design.Ağış introduce her collection on

John Travolta was also in Galatasaray Hammam

He came with his private plane for Galatasaray’s ‘PASHA’ service that hear from his producer friend. The Famous actor John Travolta admired ‘Pasha’ servise and said he would come

Galatasaray Hammam is the first rank with Japan tourists votes who visits Türkiye.

Historical and Touristic Galatasaray Hammam’s fame exceeded the boundaries of the country.The Rb (Ruru-ba) Journal put the Galatasaray Hammam to top row among all hammams with Japan tourists

Historical and Touristic Galatasaray Türkish Bath is the pupil of Media world.

Journals and magazine source Publications indicate they were prefer Galatasaray Hammam as Plato to their photos.Galatasaray Hamamı is prefered for fashion shots anymore.The “Seninle Journal” makes their Underwear

Wedding time in Galatasaray Hammam

It is time to wedding now. The wedding days of Fall winter started.Traditional Henna nigh in Galasaray Hammam is popular as Bride Bath.By the way Turkish tourism grow

Iraq’s energy minister is in Galatasaray Hammam.

2005 Vice-President, current Iraq’s Energy minister Ahmet Çelebi relieved stress in Galatasaray Hammam. Minister Çelebi sign the honor book in the Hammam which Ahmet Çelebi’s father came

Galatasaray Hammam is a chance for Istanbul chosen 2010 European Culture Capital City

Catalogue shots were done in Galatasaray Hammam with the famous models. Famous top model Giom, 2007 Lithuanian Best Model Diana, Brezilian Best Model Amanda and Rumania Best Model Antonia

Galatasaray Hamamı 4.kuşak işletmecisi Can Cenik Haberturk Tv ‘ de.

Galatasaray Hamamı 4.kuşak işletmecisi  Can Cenik Haberturk Tv '