The visitor of Hammam is welcomed in Hammam Square.

The visitor, welcomed by the Yanasma (room keeper) and shown his room.

Yanasma gives the visitor , takunya (wooden sabots-pattens) and pestemal (loincloth).

The visitor, after tying up his loincloths, and wearing his pattens in his room , comes to the hammam square.

Here, the massager (keseci) meets him.

The visitor entering the hammam, lies on the heated marble platform (gobektasi), covered with a thin cloth (serme). Before taking the bath, he lies on the marble platform for minimum 20 minutes, to sweat and prepare his body for kese (rubbing with a bath glove).

Later, visitor is taken to the kurna (marble basin under the tap), and rubbed and given a bubble bath and later lies on the marble platform again for massage.

After the massage, a shocking shower may be taken as wished.

Our guests, with their services completed, is free from now on, he may take a shower again or lay on the marble platform to rest.

Our guest wishing to leave, takes his bathing and hair towel in the warm section and leads to hammam square.

The visitor reaches to his normal body temperature again, during his time spend in hammam square for 15-20 minutes. At this time, he relaxes eith the hot or cold beverages serviced.

The visitor, after dressing in his room, makes payment when leaving.