Galatasaray Hamam, is in the buildings of Galatasaray Mosque – (Kulliye), It was originally built, together with the kulliye itself during the regin on Beyazit II.

The construction of Galatasaray Hammam stands on a mysterious story. When the Sultan Beyazit was wandering around the land where todays Galatasaray Lycee and the Galatasaray Hammam stands on now; he sees a hut. This hut belongs to Gul Baba, a respected man of his time. Sultan Beyazit meets this man and asks him “Gul Baba – do you have any wishes?” and Gul Baba wishes the the construction of a school to conquer over the centuries and a Kulliye to have a hammam with a dome. Sultan Beyazit accepts the wish and makes the kulliye be built in 1481. Gul Baba’s grave is still in the Kulliye and the Galatasaray Hammam has conquered over the centuries just like he has wished. ( 1481 / 2007 – 526 years!)

The editor of the book ” History of Galatasaray”, Fethi Isfendiyaroglu, states that the Galatasaray Hammam has served the students, during his education. Thus he says, as a student of Galatasaray Lycee “Before, during our times, there was hammam service every morning, the students were gathered in their dormitories every morning and taken to Galatasaray Hammam, next to the garden of the school. When the students were in the bath, the door of the hammam was closed and no other customers were let in.
The Galatasaray Hammam, adressing the centuries, have served many pashas, muslim judges ( kadi ), and grand viziers and have participated in the pure lifes of these people.

Galatasaray Hammam, with the heritage of the past, is also modern, both in the quality of its services and the hospitality of its staff.